Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Job, President Clown.

As I have posted elsewhere, “it is the body language, stupid”. When a head of state bows before another head of state in such a craven, cowardly, appeasing manner, then he or she is sending a signal of submission to that other head of state, he or she is indicating that the other head of state is in fact superior to that person.

The signals that were sent both in Saudi Arabia and now Japan are enough to make people feel even less safe, because they are signals that are being picked up by the leadership of countries that have been our enemies for a very long time (think Russia, Iran, etc). The Arabs would not look kindly on the craven sniveling bow, unless of course they read into it that Obama was surrendering the USA to Sharia law. Fortunately the Japanese are no longer war hawks. In Japan, prior to the second world war, the Emperor was seen as a god, a divine being, and it was customary for the people to bow down before the emperor and not look him in the face, but that is the people of Japan, not the head of state of another country.

Some people have posted pictures of all the other heads of states and their greetings with the Japanese emperor. In every single case there is a shake of the hand, there is direct eye contact. With Obama there is no direct eye contact. That in itself is very telling. Mind you he never makes eye contact with the cameras when he is public speaking either.

It was disgusting to see the US President…perhaps unintentionally…demean himself in the presence of the Japanese Emperor. A discrete, mutual and exactly-equal simultaneous nod of heads between Heads-of-State is all that was needed or acceptable as a gesture of mutual-respect and regard. The Obamaessiah groveled like a Imperial Palace servant of the lowest-rank. But maybe, it's because he has a natural reaction tendency to bow as he was trained to do in meeting with George Soros.

He thinks the charm of his aura will paper over any gaffes. The Japanese emperor looked rather startled, as if Obama had done a backflip and then approached walking on his hands. Great job, President Clown.

All I can say is what an incredibly craven fool…. he has no wisdom, none whatsoever.


  1. Now Jimmy Carter can take comfort in knowing he is no longer the worst president in recent history.

  2. Thank you for your service to our country.
    I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, helicopter door gunner, and my old Army buddies still call, visit, write and encourage each other. We have a common bond- COMBAT.
    I also write a Christian based blog: TOM'S JOURNAL, that tries to help other Vets get what they have coming from the corrupt VA system/ Gov't. I also think that obama and the Dims are purposely trying hard to destroy America. Shame!

    Tom S

  3. you really are a rude M F'er. You should stay with your own group and leave the nice people alone. JERK...

  4. Sue, stick it where the sun don't shine.